Thursday, 21 January 2016


Latest techniques are employed by clinics in hair transplantation in India.  The results achieved with these techniques have been able to satisfy customers. Most of these techniques involve taking hair from one part of the head and planting them in bald part of the head. These techniques cause no damage to scalp. The duration of techniques depends on the nature of baldness and area of the head needed to be planted with hair.  

Hair plantation by follicular unite –Some hairs, usually one to four hair, are pulled from the hair area of the head. The numbers of hair pulled depend on the area that needs to be planted with hair. This surgery demands service of experts and is done at micro level with 8 X magnification. The duration of each session can be up to 8 hours. The number of sessions can be increase as the need may arise. The wounds, which are left at the place of pulled hair, are healed in 10 days, with minimum scarring.

Use of follicular unit strip method –Here, hair bearing tissue is taken from the back of the scalp. .From this tissue of hair, each hair root is separated carefully under microscope. The individual hair is then planted in the bald area .The area from where the hair tissue was taken, is then stitched, leaving no visible narks. An expert team can plant up to 5000 hair strands during the 8 hour session period.

Body hair extraction --This transplantation is done only when the bald condition is very serious and hair cannot be taken from head area. Here, hairs are taken from other body parts. These hairs may be thick and provide better volume then head hair.

Facial hair transplantation ---Involves eyebrows, bread, mustache, side burns and eye lash transplants. Lot of expertise is needed in this precision transplantation.

Some clinics offer repair hair transplantation which are done to correct the previous bad hair transplantation. Innovative techniques and refinement in the art of transplantation has enabled clines to offer Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai.  These clinics have experienced doctors and staff. The individual is given the transplantation techniques based on his or her conditions. The use of anesthesia, at the local level, is also given to make surgery totally painless. Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi use hair growth enhancers for quick growth and hair density .They also use some medicines to optimize the scalp condition before taking hair for transplantation.  After transplantation, they use laser therapy and medicine to stimulate the grown of hair and improve density.  Growth factors are directly injected into the scalp  to promote hair growth .Another feature of the best hair transplantation clinics is, use of software to study facial features and then suggest a hair line design best suited for that particular  face. Best hair transplantation clinics keep some of hairline design as clinic signature.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Hair Loss Causes and Types of Hair Transplantations in India

Hair loss can happened due to many reasons among males and females. Hereditary androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male baldness is one of the main causes in males. The dilhdrotestosterone (DHT hormone presence is also responsible for hair loss in men.

Hereditary factory is also cause of hair loss in a female.However; the effects of hormone on loss of hair in female may be different from males. Besides these two causes, other reasons of hair loss include deficiency of iron, thyroid disease, use of certain medicine, general anesthesia, and some problem during child birth and high fever. Crash diet for weight loss can also result in hair loss. Certain dermatologic scalp disorders such as alopecia areata, lichen planopilaris and lupus can also cause hair loss.   

It is wrong to assume that wearing a hat, poor circulation of blood, or clogged hair follicles can cause hair loss. Cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure and arthritis can also result in hair loss. Every day some hair are lost when some hair go into dormant state, which is known as telogen, and other come out of this state , and start sprouting new hair , this process is known as  anagen. However the number of hair remains constant if this natural process is balance.

Another minor factory that can cause hair loss is stress, but stress can accelerate the process of genetic programmed hair loss. Stress by itself cannot cause the hair loss, if generic conditions which lead to hair loss are not present in an individual, and this holds true for both males and females.  

Hair transplantation can be done in India by following methods:-

 The three most popular hair transplantation done by doctors all over India are-

Scale reduction method –
 In this technique of hair transplantation, the scalp affected by alopecia, is reduce by surgery. And then the healthy scalp is reposition and stretched to cover the bald part. After this hair grafting is done to grow hair naturally.

Technique of Follicular unite extraction --

In this technique the follicles are taken from growth area and are implanted on the bald side of the scalp. This method is less invasive and there are no marks on the head.

Follicular unite striping method ---
Here the scalp from hair part of the head is stripped and placed on the bald part of the head. However, this is invasive process and should be done by people with serious hair loss issues.

Hair transplantation in Mumbai –

Hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai can perform all the surgeries discussed above to restore the hair and it is the use of latest technology and best facilities in hair transplantation, which gives some best results in low cost hair transplantation in Mumbai. However the final cost of the hair transplantation will also depend on current hair thinning and bald conditioning.   

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hair Thinning, Hair Loss or Baldness: their Causes, Preventions and Treatments

Not only the hair loss can affect the physical appearance of the individuals but hair loss can be directly associated in low self esteemed and depression in some individuals. Causes, prevention and management of hair thinning, hair loss and baldness, are effectively discussed in this blog.

Causes of Hair Loss, Thinning and Baldness

Physical stress is considered to be one of the main reasons for hair loss or thinning and even in some cases baldness. It is reported that excessive amount of vitamin A can effectively trigger the excessive hair thinning or loss in both female and men.  In addition to this, the lack of protein can be associated with excessive hair loss or thinning in many individuals. As per the recent studies, it was reported that 2 out of 3 men above the age of 70 years, faces the problem associated with male pattern baldness.

Minoxidil and finasteride are used for the purpose of treating male pattern baldness. The hair thinning or baldness can be heredity in most of cases. Weight gain and chest pain are some of the common side effects associated with use of minoxidil. Hence, the use of oral or other hair restoration drugs should be taken under the supervision of hair experts. Although, it do not have scientific proof but some researchers believes that the emotion can be related to excessive or premature hair loss in both male and female. Female hormones and pregnancy are often associated with hair loss in female above age of 35 years. Anemia is also considered to one of the major causes of hair loss in female above the age of 20. Underactive thyroid gland is also associated with excessive hair loss in female.

Is it possible to prevent hair loss?

There are scientific methods for the purpose of preventing of hair loss, thinning or baldness. As stress is directly related to increase of sex hormones in the body, hence some research relates to premature and excessive hair loss in male. Avoiding healthy lifestyle can be effective in reducing the stress level of individuals. Walking, quitting smoking, listening music and avoiding alcohol are often associated with reduced stress level.

How can excessive hair loss can be managed or treated?

Hair weaving, oral medications, hair gain oil & creams, and hair transplants, are some of the popular methods associated with managing excessive hair loss in male. Some individuals make use of innovative hair styles or wigs for the purpose of effectively managing the hair loss or baldness in the male. Individuals can contact reliable hair transplant clinics for Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai, which is known for its quick recovery, no scars and optimum hair restorations.  Based on their experience and knowledge, the Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai ensures that the hair grafts survive that avoids the wastage of time and money of the clients.