Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hair Transplantation Procedures Followed In Various Hair Transplantation Clinics in Delhi NCR

Hair loss is common problem between different age of men and women in modern world. Many hair creams, lotions and gels advertise to treat or prevent hair loss related problems, but none of them have proven to be effective.  Different doctors and consultants suggest that hair transplantation surgeries are best solutions for various types of hair loss problems in men and women.

What is hair transplantation surgery?

One of the most trusted method of treating hair loss and baldness problem is hair transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that removes hair follicles from donor site and bald or recipient sites for the purpose of treatment male pattern baldness.  Let us discuss how the hair transplantation is done.

Procedures of Hair Transplants

The doctors, who hold expertise in hair loss, clean the scalp and introduce local anesthetic for numbing two to three inches area from where the scalp has to been removed, for the purpose of transplanting hairs.  The hair loss experts set the strip and close the scalp after removing the strip from the scalp with a scalpel.

After that the doctor hides the removed patch of scalp with hair. 500 to 2000 small grafts that contain few hairs each are divided by the doctors from the removed strip of scalp.  The graft number depends on the size of area, color and types of hair to be transplanted.

 Now, at the 'recipient site' where the hair is to be transplanted, are cleaned and numbed by hair specialists by using local anesthetic, once the graft is prepared.  By using scalpel or needle, the hair loss experts or doctors create holes or slits.

With great expertise, the hair loss experts dedicatedly place each graft any those holes. Usually it takes four to eight hours for the procedures of hair transplantation to be fully competed under the supervision a pool highly experienced hair loss specialists.

After the hair transplantation, the patients are provided with pain killers and antibacterial tablets for few days. It takes about two to three weeks after the surgery, for complete recovery of the patients. In addition to this, the doctors recommend hair growing pills after the surgery for the purpose of improving the hair growth after hair transplantation.

Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi and NCR

Hair transplantation procedures can be carried out in some of the reputed and well-known hair treatment clinics in Delhi NCR, with experience of treating thousands of patients with hair loss problems. With experience professionals and ultra-modern technology, Best HairTransplant Clinic in Delhi provides safe and effective hair transplantation with excellent success rate.

The cost of transplantation at these reputed and well-known hair treatment centers is usually based on the number of follicles to be transplanted. Most of the clinics take 30% cost of the treatment two-three weeks before the treatment and rest of the 70 % balance at the time of carrying out the hair transplantation procedures.  

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