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Use of FUT and FUE for Effective Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai

Hair Loss Related Problems:-

Hair loss problems are common and universal phenomenon that is prevalent in both man and women. Some of the major reasons for hair loss are physical stress, excessive vitamin a in body, heredity, hypothyroidism, anemia, and vitamin B deficiency.

By using appropriate & balance diet full of protein & vitamin content, living stress free life and regular exercise, the level of hair fall can be greatly reduced in male and female. Apart from this, different surgical methods can be used for the purpose of restoring natural looking hair line with appropriate   hair density and no sign of transplantation procedures.

Different between Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT) Hair Transplantation Procedures:-

Hair loss or baldness can be treated surgically by Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation or restoring procedures. Nearly 30 - 90 FUs of hair per cm² can be transplanted by using the above two hair transplantation procedures. As all the hair transplantation procedures are conducted under the influence of local anesthetic, the hair transplantation procedures are generally pain free.
The major different between the hair restoring and transplantation technologies are in the way the follicles units are removed. Strip technique is used for the purpose of extraction of follicles in follicular unit transplantation.

The scar differs in both the procedures, where the follicular unit transplantation the scar is linear patch at the back of head of the patients. Besides this, the follicular unit extraction, the scars are like micro-scars looking like little dots. Healing is faster in case of follicular unit extraction hair loss treatment than follicular unit transplantation procedures.

The procedures of follicular unit extraction are recommended for the patients having fear of knife or blades.  In addition to this, the survival rate of follicular units or grafts is much less in follicular unit extraction hair transplantation techniques as compared to follicular unit transplantation hair transplantation procedures.

Hair loss treatment in Mumbai by Experienced Doctors:-

With the aid of years of experience of successfully treating various patients has helped the hair loss specialists, to attain a nearly 98% of success rate. Once the surgery is completed, the team of hair loss specialist regular checks the response and recovery of the patients. In follicular unit extraction, the individual hair follicles are extracted directly from the scalp.

The loss of hair can be successfully treated under the professional administration of a pool of extremely accomplished and competent Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai. With regular training through workshops and seminars has helped the hair loss specialists in enhancing and polishing their hair loss treatment skills in most efficient manner.


Based on the needs and requirements of the patients, any of the two methods of hair transplantation can be chosen. As per the hair loss experts, follicular unit extraction hair transplantation procedures are less painful. In addition to this, in follicular unit extraction hair transplantation, the healing is much quicker than follicular unit transplantation.

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  1. The most common reasons for hair loss are an abnormal hair growth cycle, gray hair, damaged follicle, hormonal imbalance and dandruff. Except for the hormonal imbalance, Chemical hair care products majorly harm the hair in the long run. The regular use and application of natural, organic hair care products is the only long term solution for the crowning glory
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