Monday, 8 June 2015

Hair Transplantation Treatment in Mumbai through FUT and FUE Transplantation Procedures

Premature baldness and other allied hair loss problems are widespread in both men and women of various cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Baldness or hair loss can cause low self esteemed and low confidence in men, which can lead to depression.  

Excess vitamin A and lack of protein are some of the reasons for loss of hairs apart from genetic reasons.  In stressful life, the different types of physical or mental stress are can be responsible for excessive hair loss problems.  Hair loss or baldness can be caused from different reasons such as Vitamin B deficiency and Lupus.

Besides this, many environmental factors such as physical stress and exposure to chemicals can be reasons for excessive and premature falling of hairs in both men and women.

To effective treat or manage hair loss problem, different medications and lotions are available in the market.  In addition to this, several creams and oils claimed to treat baldness in the most efficient manner.

None the available medications are effective to efficiently treat different hair loss problems or baldness. One of the popular treatments of treatment of hair loss problems are hair transplantation through Follicular Unit Hair Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation surgery.

The main purpose of this blog is to discuss various hair transplantation procedures followed in Mumbai for treatment of baldness in the most efficient manner. Many reputed and well-known hair transplantation centers in Mumbai are known for conducting highly effective and pain free hair transplantation of various individuals at cost effective prices. 

Different hair transplantation centers have appointed experts who are having experience of performing FUT or FUE for more than 10000 patients, for effective hair transplantation through Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The hair transplantation experts are upgraded with latest happening in this domain, by providing training session through seminars.

By following client centric approach and quality centric polices, different reputed firms have been able to attain a huge clientele across Mumbai and nearby regions.  The transplantation of hair is done in compliance with the specifications and requirements provided by the clients. Their fast recovery and systematic execution, makes these hair transplantation surgeries highly popular among its clients across the Mumbai region.

Some of the major advantages of sophisticated hair transplantation at cost effective prices, are less operating time and no scars. Quality of the hair transplant procedures such as Follicular Unit Hair Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation surgery is never compromised at the hair treatment centers, by following total quality management at each stage of hair transplantation.

To ensure systematic execution within the assured time frame, the doctors make use of latest machinery and equipment while performing the hair transplantation surgeries. In addition to this, the hair transplantation conducted by a pool of experts, ensure no stitches and less post operative pain.

LowCost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai is effectively done some of the reputed hair treatment centers. Backed with latest machinery, the hair transplantation centers are appreciated for their high success rate and fast recovery. The hair transplantation equipment is upgraded at regular intervals through latest technology, to meet the diverse hair transplantation needs of the clients. 


  1. I want to share the major difference between FUE and traditional FUT transplantation procedure. With no stitches required and no linear scar left to heal, FUE procedures do have a faster healing time and less post-procedure discomfort compared to the traditional FUT procedure. For More Detail visit at : Hair Transplant Ahmedabad

  2. The most common reasons for hair loss are an abnormal hair growth cycle, gray hair, damaged follicle, hormonal imbalance and dandruff. Except for the hormonal imbalance, Chemical hair care products majorly harm the hair in the long run. The regular use and application of natural, organic hair care products is the only long term solution for the crowning glory
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