Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cosmazone, Provides Best in Class Hair Transplantation in Delhi and Mumbai

A trained and experienced surgeons and doctors could effectively treat various hair related problems. Cosmazone provides highly effective hair related treatment to its patients in Delhi, Mumbai and Gwalior. 

For effective treatment of various types of hair related problems through cosmetic and laser therapy at cost effective prices can be tiresome job. In such scenario, one should consult professional cosmetic and laser therapy clinic. Cosmazone is an established and ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization that deals in providing effective treatment for different hair related problems. With experience of successfully treatment of more than 60000 patients, Cosmazone has attained a commendable position in Mumbai, Delhi and Gwalior in such short period of time.

The cosmetic surgeon of the hair transplantation clinics further quoted, “Our hair transplantation clinic is member of reputed organization International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). By providing our customers with the best quality of Automated Hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction and FUE Hair Transplant for men and women, we have attained a commendable position in this domain. Quality of the offered hair transplantation surgeries is never compromised at our end, by following total quality management at each stage of transplantation”.

Apart from Mumbai, Cosmazone have its branches in Delhi and Gwalior. To rendering best in class hair transplantation surgeries, Cosmazone have appointed a pool of highly experienced cosmetic and laser therapy surgeons. In addition to this, the surgeons and other support staff are trained through workshops and seminars, to enhance their hair transplantation skills in the most efficient manner.

A physician from the cosmetic and laser therapy clinic quoted, “At Cosmazone, we render best quality hair treatment surgery under the supervision of Dr Kuldeep Saxena and Dr. Deepali Saxena. Dr Deepali Saxena has vast experience in treatment of various hair transplantation surgeries. Being reputed Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai, Dr Kuldeep Saxena holds expertise of treating more than 30000 patients for hair related problems through hair transplantation surgery”.

Due to its ultra-modern infrastructure and experienced surgeons, Cosmazone has established and maintained as one of the Best HairTransplant Clinic in Delhi in such short period of time.  

About the Company:-

Cosmazone, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization, is instrumental in Skin Cosmetic or Laser Therapy for various skin or hair related problems. The assistance and support of our team of highly experienced Dr. Deepali Saxena and Dr. Kuldeep Saxena has helped Cosmazone to provide best in class solutions for various hair related problems. To attain maximum customer approval, Cosmazone follow client centric approach while treating or counseling various patients. By following patient centric approach, Cosmazone have been able to win the trust of its customers in Gwalior, Delhi and Mumbai. 


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