Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hair Treatment and Transplantation in Mumbai

Hair loss can be caused due to physical stress, excess vitamin A, lack of different essential proteins, aging, heredity, emotional stress, anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin B deficiency, lupus, pollution, smoking, chemotherapy, polycystic ovary syndrome, antidepressants, blood thinners, impulse control disorder and Anabolic steroids.

The hair loss can be controlled by exercise and following the healthy lifestyle. Creams, oils and medications are available and promises to treat hair loss or even some cases of baldness. The claims of these cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for providing effective treatment to hair loss problems are false. For the purpose of ensuring permanent and pain-free hair restoration procedures, one should consult professional hair transplantation clinics in Mumbai.

Backed and supported by years of experience of treating thousands of patients suffering from hair loss problems, some of the well-known and famous hair transplantation clinics have been able to attain a commendable position in this domain. The process of removal of hair follicles surgically and implant them to the area of baldness is called as hair transplantation. By rendering the best in class hair transplantation services, some of the renowned and well-known hair care institutes have been able to attain a commendable position in this domain in such short period of time.

To attain maximum customer approval, the hair transplant clinics follow total quality management by performing different types of hair transplant procedures. By hiring top most doctors and support staff, the hair transplant clinics have been able to orderly execute different types of hair transplant services.

Two popular types of removal methods of hair follicles are Strip Harvesting extraction and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Some of the advantages of using follicular unit extraction are no linear scar is formed by using FUE. Other advantages of FUI are decreased healing time. If operated under the supervision of experienced professionals, the hair restoration is permanent and usually free from pain. Based on the needs and requirements of the patients, the hair specialist can suggest different types of removal of hair follicles from the donor site and implant at the receipt sites by using different types of surgical procedures.
The hair transplantation services are executed within the assured time frame in the most systematic manner.  Moreover, the hair treatment clinics ensure that the quality of the hair treatment and transplant services is never compromised and it is maintained as per the international quality norms and regulations.

For the purpose of attaining maximum patient approval, the hair care institute follows quality conscious approach. The Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai is popular among the customers owing to its high effectiveness, fast recovery time and high success rate. To ensure permanent and effective restoration of hair, the hair treatment clinics have appointed a panel of Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai . Besides this, the hair loss specialists are provided by the hair treatment clinics provide with a regular training sessions.

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