Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Precaution after Hair Transplantation Surgery in Mumbai

Hair transplantation is restoration of lost hair through minor surgical procedures. Although it is very safe and pain-free procedures, yet it is recommended by the doctors/hair transplantation experts to the patients to follow certain precaution at least for few days after the hair transplantation procedures.

One should take proper care and precaution that are recommended by the hair transplantation procedures for ensuring permanent hair restoration. Let us discuss few of the precautions recommended by hair transplantation experts after the hair restoration/ hair transplantation procedures.

Certain precaution should be taken by the patients after the hair transplantation surgery. Some of the precautions are the patients should not consume alcohol at least a week after surgery as alcohol can cause thinning of blood that can cause excessive bleeding.

Drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen should not be consumed by the patient for at least a week after the hair transplantation surgery. Moreover, it is recommended by the hair transplantation experts to avoid the use of any kind of vitamin for three to seven days after the hair transplantation surgery.

As the above mention drugs or vitamin can cause bleeding due to thinning of the blood.  The patient can use prescribed non-aspirin medication for any kind of pain during 3-5 days after the hair transplantation surgery.

Physical exercises such as weight lifting, running, and cycling should be avoided for one to three week after the hair transplantation surgical procedures. It is advisable not use shampoo, oil or soap directly on the hair after the hair transplantation procedures for at least 3 days after the surgery.  Direct sunlight should be avoided for few days after hair transplantation surgery for ensuring success rate and quick recovery.

Hair transplantation experts or surgeons advise the patients to avoid hair blower and hair cosmetic products for few weeks for effective hair restoration and better results. Swimming in salt water after hair transplantation surgery is recommended by the hair transplantation experts after hair transplantation surgery. Besides this, it is highly advisable to avoid swimming in chlorinated water.

If the patient encounters any irritation or discomfort, it is advisable to visit the hair transplantation experts as soon as possible.  For permanent restoration of lost hair, it is advisable to undergo hair transplantation surgery under the strict supervision of qualified hair transplantation experts or surgeons. Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai helps the patients to regain their hair through effective hair transplantation surgery.

One should visit reputed and well-known hair transplant clinics in Mumbai, for better hair loss counseling and excellent hair restoration.  Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai is usually one-day procedure and the patients are not requires any stay in a hospital after the hair transplant surgery. The patients are provided with the high dose of painkillers combined with antibiotics after the hair transplantation surgery to avoid any infection and enhance the recovery process.

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