Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Causes & Treatment of Hair Loss or Baldness

Loss of hair or baldness can be caused by different environmental, physical or psychological causes. Physical or emotional stress is considered to be one of the prime causes of hair loss in the male.  The hormonal changes during pregnancy can effectively trigger hair thinning and loss in females.  Some studies and survey conducted by scientists suggested that too much of vitamin A can also cause excess or premature loss in both men and women.

Medicines or supplements containing vitamin A can effective cause hair loss. This process is reversible and the hair grows back when the individuals stops taking the high dose of vitamin A. it was reported recently by American Academy of Dermatology that lack of certain essential proteins can trigger the premature loss of hair in male and female. To avoid lack of protein, one must take sufficient amount of protein, which can be obtained through fish, meat, and eggs.

Male pattern baldness can be heredity and inherited from their ancestors. Androgenic, which is also known as female pattern baldness, can be inherited from their ancestors. Apart from this, an increase in certain types of female hormones can also cause hair loss problems. 

Hair loss can be triggered by the low iron content in women, which is known as Anemia. One can consult a doctor and take prescribed amount of iron supplements to prevent hair loss due to low iron content in the body. The underactive thyroid gland can also be one of the major causes of hair loss in men and women in major cities of India such as Delhi and Mumbai. 

A Certain type of medication such as minoxidil (Rogaine) and oral medicines such as finasteride can be effective in preventing hair loss problems. As per FDA set norms, minoxidil 2% is recommended for women and minoxidil 5% is recommended to men in the USA. In addition to this, a higher concentration of minoxidil 10% is available in developing countries such as India for effective hair loss treatment.

In some cases, the hair treatment drugs can be effective in growing new years. Since these medications are prescription drugs and should be consumed or applied only on prescription provided by the doctor or dermatologist.

Apart from using the prescription drugs for hair loss, one can go for hair transplantation procedures. By using minor surgical procedures, the individual hair follicles from the donor sites can be transplanted on the receipt sites. 

Metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are appreciated for their low-cost hair transplantation procedures. Owing to pain-free hair transplantation with high success rate, the reliable and celebrated hair transplantation clinics has attained a estimable location in hair transplantation industry.

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